App cuts heart attack readmissions by 16% in small study

A new app, unveiled at last week’s American College of Cardiology’s Cardiovascular Summit in Las Vegas, aims to reduce readmissions for those who already experience myocardial infarction (MI). Dubbed “Corrie,” it is the first cardiology-focused application for the Apple CareKit platform.

“We have found there are many gaps in care in patients recovering from a heart attack,” said lead author William Yang, MD, a resident in internal medicine at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, in a Feb. 22 statement. “We wanted to engage patients in their own care, and help them transition from the hospital to home using existing technology.”

Corrie is designed to help MI patients during the discharge process, allowing individuals to track medications, future appointments and potential lifestyle changes. Johns Hopkins researchers followed 60 patients who agreed to use the app in the hospital and for 30 after discharge. Just two patients were readmitted in 30 days, compared to 19 percent of MI patients readmitted at Johns Hopkins.

“‘Corrie’ is a prescription-strength app we are deploying in the hospital,” Yang said. “It is intended to make a difference while in the hospital, where patients are engaged the most, have the most time, with their family at their bedside, and pre-discharge planning is possible.”

Researchers are looking to expand access to the app.