Digital trackers improve patient motivation

Motivation is key in maintaining a healthy level of physical activity—and health fitness trackers could increase a patient's willingness to get up and go, according to Cardiovascular Business.

In a study evaluating the effects of digital tracking devices, researchers found patients with such tools improved their performance in cardiac rehabilitation compared to those who did not have a device.

“Overall, our results are consistent with findings in the scientific literature in which authors underline the great potential of smart wearables in the management of chronic diseases and predict a promising future for them enhancing recovery in rehabilitation,” concluded Jürgen Vogel, with Cardiomed Outpatient Cardiac Rehabilitation Center in Linz, Austria, and colleagues in PLOS One. “This also has an impact on the design of self-management approaches in the rehabilitation setting. Hence, the use of smart wearables can prolong the success of the rehabilitation outside of the organized rehabilitation setting.”

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