IBM scores $15M infrastructure deal with InSite One
InSite One, a cloud provider for medical image data archiving, storage and disaster-recovery solutions in the United States, today announced it has chosen IBM technologies for its primary data center expansion and storage device upgrades.

Under terms of the agreement, InSite One is purchasing IBM storage systems and servers in its primary data center in Connecticut. Over the next three to five years, InSite One also will replace its existing storage and servers. The total amount of storage purchased will exceed 1 petabyte. The data center will use IBM System x Servers and DS3200 Storage systems.

IBM and InSite One will also collaborate on client enterprise storage and archiving opportunities where InSite One sells its services and IBM sells its storage and infrastructure solutions. The total value of the agreement is in excess of $15 million.

Currently, the InDex Archive is averaging 15 terabytes of digital medical data on a weekly basis, with a total of more than 2.3 billion image objects, representing five percent of the U.S. patient population. This makes InDex the largest single medical storage service in the industry, with two petabytes of medical imaging data managed by InSite One.

IBM and InSite One have already begun to collaborate on client enterprise storage requirements, where managed solutions can provide cost-effective alternatives that address the need for data sharing and long-term retention and data protection. Further, InSite One and IBM offerings are based on the life of each individual radiology study as compared to per-gigabyte charges.