Microchip may boost 2D ultrasound into 3D

If the past 25 years in information technology has taught consumers anything, it's that devices have to be better, smaller an faster. A new microchip, which reportedly costs all of $10, may be able to improve ultrasonic capabilities.

From Duke University Health System, the device may allow users to get 3D images from a standard 2D ultrasound machine, according to its developers. The microchip is mounted on a traditional ultrasound probe, using software to combine multiple 2D images into a 3D model.

“With 2D technology you see a visual slice of an organ, but without any context, you can make mistakes,” said Joshua Broder, MD, an associate professor of surgery at Duke Health and one of the creators of the technology. “These are problems that can be solved with the added orientation and holistic context of 3D technology. Gaining that ability at an incredibly low cost by taking existing machines and upgrading them seemed like the best solution to us.”

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