MobileHelp releases survey on implementation, barriers, benefits to telehealth

MobileHelp has conducted a survey of healthcare professionals regarding telehealth, in hopes of shedding light on current rates of implementation, benefits of services and barriers in the utilization.

Remotely visiting a physician has become an increasingly popular care method for a large array of patients. The survey conducted by MobileHelp outlined the views of healthcare providers.

The findings include:

  • 30 percent of healthcare providers have implemented telehealth into clinical operations.
  • 85 percent of providers not using telehealth are able to see its benefits.
  • 25 percent of providers not using telehealth are hoping to implement it within the next year.
  • 65 percent of providers stated using a combination of telehealth and a medical alert device would benefit patients.
  • 80 percent of providers are concerned about the increase in operations costs when implementing telehealth.

“We have found the results of our survey to be consistent with what our healthcare provider partners have shared with us: telehealth is a means to improve patient access and provider efficiency, especially as value-based care and reimbursement incentives provide a greater share of revenue,” said Chris A. Otto, SVP of the MobileHelp Healthcare Division. “Telehealth solutions are being used increasingly to provide the connection point between chronically ill patients and healthcare providers, and extend the care continuum beyond the traditional healthcare system.”