Physicians split on prescribing apps

More than one-third (37 percent) of physicians have prescribed an app to their patients, but 42 percent say they will not, citing the lack of regulatory oversight, according to polling results from QuantiaMD, a social learning network for physicians.

More than one-fifth (21 percent) never recommend apps to patients, 37 percent said they have no idea what apps are available and 21 percent won't prescribe apps because it would generate an overwhelming amount of patient data.

When prescription drugs go generic, at least seven years of data about their effectiveness and safety is available, said Mike Paskavitz, editor-in-chief of Quantia. "It’s important to note that physicians are still split in opinion on whether they should ‘prescribe’ medical apps to their patients—the main reason being the lack of regulation, especially as the movement to enable self care is advanced through tools such as medical apps.”