Bipartisan bill aims to hold device vendors accountable for security

Cybersecurity remains a hot topic in healthcare as hacking and ransomware attacks are becoming commonplace. In an effort to improve security measures, a bipartisan group of senators have introduced legislation directly targeting the vulnerabilities in devices that have the potential to be breached.

Following the global ransomware attacks of Petya and WannaCry, this legislation aims to prevent such incidents by requiring technological device vendors to make their products patchable and up to security standards. Additionally, the bill would stop the selling of devices that have unchangeable password or have known security vulnerabilities.

The bill is sponsored by Sen. Cory Gardner, R-Colorado, and Rep. Steve Daines, R-Montana, as well as Sens. Mark Warner, D-Virginia, and Ron Wyden, D-Oregon. Along with technology experts, the bipartisan team drafted the bill in the hopes that devices in the future will be more protected from potential threats.

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