Organizations continue to struggle with cybersecurity

Cyberattacks are becoming increasingly common as organizations struggle to maintain security. Despite executives citing cyber safety as a priority, only 19 percent are confident their organization can handle a such an event.

The responsibility of cybersecurity remains on the shoulders of IT departments, but utilizing other avenues and tools could be the key in preventing these attacks. However, implementing new technology and developing a plan to respond to attacks is only on 30 percent of executives’ checklists.

“While technology is the foundation of any good cybersecurity strategy, companies can benefit from investing in non-technology solutions like risk management as part of a holistic approach,” said Matt Penarczyk, vice-president and deputy general counsel at Microsoft. “Through advanced technology, tools and training, for example, companies can better protect the data in their networks and be ready for the business interruptions and reputational risks associated with cyberattacks.”