Texas hospital working to recover from ransomware attack

A Texas hospital is the latest victim of a cyberattack—this time, ransomeware made the EHR system of Titus Regional Medical Center (TRMC) inaccessible.

According to an article in The Daily Tribune, the Mount Pleasant, Texas-based organization has a ransomware virus that encrypted files on several of its database services, blocking TRMC's ability to enter or retrieve patient data in EHR. TRMC has implemented a conditional Hospital Incident Command System, and brought in a forensic specialist to deal with the problem, according to the article. Details on the amount of ransom or whether the virus has been neutralized were not released.

“The virus primarily impacted the ability for electronic medical records entry and retrieval, as well as the integration and coordination of interdepartmental orders (laboratory, pharmacy, imaging, etc.)” said Shannon Norfleet, TMRC's public information officer, in the article.